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Monday, July 4, 2011

Non Fiction Monday: We the People

HAPPY 4th of July! I've ran into People by Peter Spier several times in the last couple of months, so much so that I thought it was a new book! Now, as I write this, I realized that it was written in 1980. I think this is a great book for an elementary-aged student. They'll like reading the facts, but they'll LOVE meandering through the illustrations- they're just lovely, even 30 years later!

If you're a teacher, get this book for your classroom. It could be a wonderful discussion starter. And you're students will enjoy having it around!

If you haven't seen this book, check out some of the book's contents:

In this encyclopedic picture book, Spier celebrates humankind in all its diversity-how we are similar and how we are differnt; in what we wear, eat, play, and how we worship. Small vignettes fill each page, illustrating the wonderful variety that exists among peoples of different cultures and races.

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