Hi friends! This blog is for teachers and families- all for the sheer joy of literacy. When we are enthusiastic about reading and writing our students and our own kids become excited to read and write. I hope that we all can be models for those in our care- how did you show your passion for reading, writing, learning, language, or words today?? It's in those small, daily moments that we teach kids to love literacy.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Llama Llama I Miss My Mama!

I'm adding The Children's Book Review to my blogroll. I especially like the read alouds of Llama Llama by Anna Dewdney (See video below).

Their Quest for Literacy sections has good tidbits and general information for parents about teaching reading.

This site is especially good for parents looking for a good book for their kidlets.

What good sites have you come across lately?

I'm Linking up to Learning All The Time. Please visit and check out the other posts from this week!

Be Well Read On!


  1. Susan, I love the favorite Resource idea!!! I'll keep coming back :) I also love that everyone has a different type of resource. It seems like everyone defines it differently, which is great!

  2. We don't have any Llama Llama books but they look so cute and everyone loves them. This video reminded me of Reading Rainbow... ahhh the memories of 2nd great reading class. That was my favorite part of the day!

  3. Tricia! I love reading rainbow...wish it was still on :)


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