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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Judging a Book By Its Cover: The Yiddish Policemen's Union

I'm so ecstatic to be participating in the *New* Cover Art Blog Hop at Socrates' Book Reviews. (Also, home to the Cozy Reading Challenge!) I've done a lot of graphic design in the past...and I can't help but to get swept away by a beautiful book cover!! I know I am drawn to a book by its cover, and I know many of my students are too! And now that I have a Kindle, this Blog Hop will give me an outlet to drool over pretty cool looking book covers.

I read this book a couple years back. I love the cover art. It's evocative of native Alaskan art (setting of book). The art makes you want to read and hold the book all day long.

I'm linking up at Socrates' Book Reviews. Click the link, join the fun!

Be Well! Read On!


  1. Oh, I agree that is a very interesting cover. It truly is very artful looking.

  2. Surely an interesting cover. I also love how you pictured every aspect of it. Mine is here

  3. That's a great cover! Thanks for participating!

  4. love this cover. one of my fave covers is what is the what by dave eggers-love the woodcut look & feel of the hardcover

  5. At Susannah- Love the cover of What is the What too


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