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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Recent Book Favs (2)

Little man is 7 weeks old today. I feel like life is becoming more routine. Sadly, I have to return to work in a couple of weeks. I'm feeling horrible that I have to leave my baby so soon! He's starting to smile and have a sweet personality. We just purchased a Woombie and he only woke up one time last night (at 1am) to nurse! WOW! That's the first time I haven't been up in that 2-4am window in 7 weeks!! Okay...on to literacy...

These favs are all library books. These were the 4 that my daughter chose to check out for a second time. I concur with all the choices, except the Caillou book. It's a satisfactory counting book, but my daughter is in love with the PBS Caillou show, and loves the book for this reason alone.

Recent Book Favs:

Vera's New School, by Vera Rosenberry

I thought this book was a little over my 3 year old's level (the character laments her pet chicken dying from ingesting dry cement {there's a picture of this}), but she loves it. We even picked up more in this series because she enjoyed it so much. Vera does't fit in at school, but she makes a new friend quickly. During a school presentation outdoors, Vera sits on an red ant hill, as does another little girl. They are sent to the bathroom and strip down so the nurse can tend to their bites (see below)- which I found a bit odd, but my daughter loved this part. This tough experience brings these two girls together as friends. My daughter had all sorts of questions after studying the illustrations in this book. This book is different than most children's book- it seems more like real-life (maybe that's why it feels a bit odd at parts) and strays away from some standard children's book conventions. I enjoy reading this book to my daughter. It would be a great book to read in a classroom, if your students can handle the girls having to strip to their undies to deal with the ant bites. Fun fact: Rosenberry's husband is a Noble Laureate, with a Noble Prize in chemistry. Best for kids in preschool- grade 2.

Of course my daughter that these girls love strip down to their undies!

Tiny Little Fly, by Michael Rosen, illustrated by Kevin Waldron

This book is playful, with large illustrations and colorful writing. A great read. this book has energy, created by rhyme and repetition. It's also a fast read- perfect if you're looking for a quick read for class (for teachers), or if you've had a long day and need to get the kidlets to bed quickly (for parents). Best for kids age 2-1st grade.

Oh, No!, by Candance Fleming and Eric Rohmann

This one is really fun! Go out and get it for your home or class! The illustrations are great, and the writing is fun and perfect for early literacy learners. Here's a sample, "Frog fell into a deep, deep hole. Ribbit-opps! Ribbit-opps! Frog fell into a deep, deep hole. Ribbit-opps! Frog fell into such a deep hole, he couldn't get out to save his soul. Croaked Frog, 'Help! Help! I can't get out!' Oh, no!" And so on...animals keep falling into the said deep hole. Tiger is pacing near the hole, getting ready for a mouth-watering dinner! Elephant comes to save the animals, and tiger gets trapped in the hole. The plot isn't anything new- the writing and illustrations make this book exceptional. Best for kids preschool- grade 2.

These books went back to the library. Good, but not favorites! Adios libros!

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