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Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Daughter's Literacy Journey- 2 years, 9 months

Since I'm a reading specialist, I look at a lot of daughter's development in terms of her development into the reader and writer that she will become some day (I know I'm such a nerd). I hope to track her literacy development in monthly posts. I'm also interested to hear what you parents out there are experiencing with your child's literacy development. How do you see your child's literacy developing?

Writing Development/Alphabet Recognition:

When I see this (her scribbles):

I don't see scribbles. I see that her drawings have morphed from circular scribbles all over the page, to smaller, letter-looking, with a lot more control. When she draws/writes she points to her "letters" and says, "H, M, LMNOP...." Her pretending that her "letters" are indeed letters is a step on her path to writing real letters. If your child is "writing" or "reading" this should be praised. They are pretending because they want to be like a grown-up. And lots of pretending will lead my little one to find joy in reading and writing and learning her letters. 

Reading Comprehension:
Also when rereading stories to her, my husband and I will pause for her to fill in words. For example, "Lola and her mom were going to walk to the ---------- (library)." She's starting to fill in words, especially with her most loved books. 

How's your child developing their literacy skills?

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  1. leaving the end of the sentence blank is one of my favorite ways to red with my girls. i also love it when monrovia "reads" to ruby. she goes through her books and tells the story as closely as she remembers it; sometimes adding in fun new details that aren't in the real book. i also like when she makes up stories- a lot of them have the loose structure of books she has read, but they are imaginary stories, so i know she is internalizing how books and stories work. we try to tell oral stories too; i tell stories about "sophie and elodie" two sisters i made up, and matt tells them about "mr. fox!" both are fun additions to the books they enjoy.


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