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Monday, March 12, 2012

Assessment Woes and Wahoos!

I have been holed up all day giving reading assessments. We're finishing Cycle 2 of our RtI Interventions, and after spring break we head into Cycle 3. I have 2 helpful interventionists Dibeling away, so I began DRAing my 30 intervention students. I'll join in with DIBELing as soon as I'm done DRAing (don't ya love these reading assessments turning into verbs!)

There was a lot of growth to be exciting about today! Some kiddos are working their tails off and made leaps and bounds. While a few, didn't make such stellar progress. It's interesting to think about the kids that aren't making progress- we will make an action plan to better support their learning going into Cycle 3.

Today I had a teacher remark, "This is the exciting thing about RtI!" One of her students moved from a DRA 4 (Kinder level) at the beginning of the year to a 16 (end of 1st grade level) mid-year. What awesome progress! And with the RtI model, he'll be exited from pull-out intervention and back into the class full-time (the goal!!). I'm glad to see folks positive about RtI- we had a lot of negative push back at for a while.

So for the next couple of weeks I'll be assessing away- wish me luck!

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