Hi friends! This blog is for teachers and families- all for the sheer joy of literacy. When we are enthusiastic about reading and writing our students and our own kids become excited to read and write. I hope that we all can be models for those in our care- how did you show your passion for reading, writing, learning, language, or words today?? It's in those small, daily moments that we teach kids to love literacy.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Library Love

Sadly, due city budget cuts, our library was closed for much of our winter vacation. But we had a chance to grab some books earlier this week. I love to browse the *new* children's books first, while my daughter loves to find the child-size arm chair (different priorities, of course!). I love trips to the library- what a great way to promote a love for reading in my daughter!? Start them early!

Here's what we ended up with this week: 

The Watcher, by Jeanette Winter: This is too complex for my daughter to sit through, but she enjoys the illustrations. My husband teaches a novel that deal with Jane Goodall, and my low readers read a leveled book about Jane Goodall. I'm eager to read this aloud as they read the leveled book, especially because it's written as a narrative.

No Sleep For the Sheep!, By Karen Beaumont, Illustrated by Jackie Urbanovic: This book is fun with a lot of repetition (great for building a child's phonemic awareness), but so far my daughter has rejected it. Hopefully she'll warm up to it over the next couple of week. The illustrations are delightful.
Rubia and the Three Osos, by Susan Middleton Elya, illustrated by Melissa Sweet: I love the spirit of this book, and I especially love that it is sprinkled with a ton of Spanish.

My Very First Mother Goose, edited by Iona Opie, illustrated by Rosemary Wells: We have several books in this genre around the house. But I really love the way that this mother goose is arranged (into 4 chapters). You could get away with reading a chapter a night- great for little ones! My daughter loves the pictures too- little animals dressed as people!

Dora's Book of Words: This was my daughter's choice, as you can imagine! It's a hit!