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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Free Printable: Running Record with 100s Grid

Hey Friends! Since I mentioned I am using this 100s grid for all of my running records each year, I'd thought I'd share it here. Take it, use it, share it, change it.

WOW this simple, stripped-down grid saves me a lot of time. Instead of taking the time to calculate a percentage for a student's reading accuracy (which you have to do when a child reads more/less than 100 words), I can use this sheet quickly to find an accuracy rate sans calculator. Brilliant time saver! This is especially important when you do 5-8 of these running records per day or when you're a busy teacher (hint: that's you!).

I use this exactly as I would a blank running record sheet. Don't know what a running record is? See my other post about running records here.

I also do miscue analysis on each of my running records, but I do this on the computer only, not by hand. I want to easily share the information about the student's reading with their classroom teacher. I can post the template I use for that soon.

Running Records with 100 grid

 Notes on this template:
  • I don't print out page two, but I use these comprehension prompts, to have consistency.
  • The boxes at the bottom of page one are a space for me to write notes about what the student is doing well (+) and what the students didn't do well (-), and needs more instruction on. I titled the boxes based off of what I tend to work with kids on- comprehension, fluency/accuracy, and the student's use (or lack thereof) of reading strategies.
  • I record the student % accuracy and circle if this is their independent, instructional, or frustrational level. For me, 97-100% is independent, 90-96% is instructional, and 89% or below is frustrational.
  • I have a space at the top for instructional focus. I like to give the student a focus before the begin reading- I use Running Records to coach/instruct my students, and not just to assess them. 
  • I keep all my running records in a fat binder. I start a new binder at the beginning or each year. The running records are ordered alphabetically by students' first names.
  • Before I put the running records in the binder I analyze the miscues on a different template (using Microsoft's OneNote). I send an email to their classroom teacher with this analysis, so they can also use the information to also guide their instruction. 
 Be well! Read on! Teach on!

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