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Friday, September 9, 2011

Helping Young Students Pick Good Fit Books for Independent Reading

This year I am having my intervention students take just right leveled books from my classroom library weekly. Many of their classrooms are filled with books that are far above their reading level, so I hope access to books at their level will encourage them to read more!

I was recently introduced to the IPICK system, and I think it works well:

I- I look through the book.
P- Purpose? Why are you choosing a book? Does this book best fit the purpose?
I- Am I interested?
C- Can I comprehend it?
K- Do I know MOST of the words?

The only component missing is stamina/endurance- does the student have the stamina to read the entire book? I like to talk to my students about this as well.

See video for an explanation:

Here's the small sign I created to hang over my library for student reference (feel free to use!!):


Students have really enjoyed taking 5 different books home weekly, in addition to the books they can check out from their library or from their class. This simple system has changed my room from reading intervention class, to a place to discover books. It has certainly created more motivation to read for these young students already.

Be well! Read on! Enjoy these first days of school! I'm heading into week 7 already?!

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