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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Crusin' Through the Cozies: Cover her Face

I am in a mystery reading frenzy. Maybe that's what summer is for? I've been a fan of PD James for a while now. My mother-in-law introduced me to her, and I've been hooked ever since. I scored with Cover her Face: it was on my TBR, doesn't have a Kindle version (come on folks, get with it!), but was on the book shelf of the beach house I stayed at last week. I dove into it right away.

Since this was James' first Dalgliesh book, I knew I wanted to read it at some point. It does not disappoint, especially after reading a plot-driven Agatha Christie book. I really love the characters in Cover Her Face, especially the conniving young mother and house maid, Sally Jupp. What I love about P.D. James' mysteries in general is that I get so wrapped up in the characters and events in the book, that I never stop and try to figure out who the murderer is. Besides, she usually gives every character a potential motive to clash with the victim. I always welcome the surprise of finding out who-done-it at the end.  If you like murder mysteries, you'll enjoy Cover Her Face. And of course, PD James using sophisticated words and makes little comments about her characters lack of grammar, which I just eat up!!

From Good Reads:

Cover Her Face (Adam Dalgliesh #1)

3.7 of 5 stars3.7 of 5 stars3.7 of 5 stars3.7 of 5 stars3.7 of 5 stars 3.70  ·   rating details  ·  2,167 ratings  ·  184 reviews

Headstrong and beautiful, the young housemaid Sally Jupp is put rudely in her place, strangled in her bed behind a bolted door. Coolly brilliant policeman Adam Dalgliesh of Scotland Yard must find her killer among a houseful of suspects, most of whom had very good reason to wish her ill.

Cover Her Face is P. D. James's electric debut novel, an ingeniously plotted mystery that immediately placed her among the masters of suspense.

What's Next?
I'm currently about 33% into The Daughters of Cain by Colin Dexter on my Kindle. And a friend just passed me a hard copy of The Book Thief (YA book), by Markus Zusak. This is a book I've wanted to read for a while.

My personal reading will probably slow down as I head back to teaching next week (so soon?), and begin teaching a class for incoming teachers starting in August. The next few months will be crazy busy, but filled to the brim with lots of teaching moments, and with probably less time for cozies (but we shall see!)

I'm linking up at Socrates' Book Reviews:

Be well! Read on!


  1. Sounds good! Another author I've been wanting to read and haven't gotten around to yet.

  2. Yvonne, you'll love her! She's well worth getting around to! :)


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