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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Professional Bookshelf: The Reading Teacher's Book of Lists

I thought I would recommend some of my favorite professional books to you all- either books that I have greatly affected my practice and teaching philosophy, or books that I use a whole heck of a lot. This book, The Reading Teacher's Book of Lists 5th Edition by Fry and Kress, gets used quite a bit. And I'm always looking for chances to use it more often! This book is a must-have for every teacher, and parents- you may really find it useful too!

From the Back Cover
Written for anyone who teaches reading, The Reading Teacher's Book of Lists is the thoroughly revised edition of the best-selling foundational reading reference book. This classic resource is filled with 218 up-to-date lists teachers can use to develop instructional materials and plan lessons that might otherwise take years and much effort to acquire. The book is organized into eighteen sections that are brimming with practical examples, key words, teaching ideas, and activities that can be used as is or adapted to meet the students' needs. The lists are designed to be photocopied as needed for individual, small group or large group use. This revised fifth edition contains a complete overhaul of teaching methods sections and includes new sections on electronic resources, new literacies, building fluency, and reading in content areas. The Reading Teacher's Book of Lists covers eighteen sections:
The red comments are specific lists from each section that I like to use the most.
  • Phonics
    • Vowel Sounds, Suggested Phonics Teaching Order, Phonics Example Words [awesome!], Phonetically Irregular Words, Syllabication Rules
  • Useful Words
    • Homophones, Homographs, Nonreversible Word Pairs, Collocations
  • Vocabulary Builders
    • 20 Most Common Prefixes & Suffixes, More Prefixes & More Suffixes, Synonyms, Antonyms, Greek and Latin Roots, Words with Multiple Meanings
  • Content Words
  • Books
    • Literacy Terms, Old and New Favorite Books to Read Aloud, Award-Winning Children's Books, Predictable Books, Books Without Words, Sounds Awareness Books, Rhyming Books, Books for Word Play, Book Report Alternatives
  • Writing
    • Descriptive Words, Story Starters, Prompts for Expository Writing, He Said/She Said, Similes, Metaphors, Build a Sentence, Proofreading Checklist, Proofreading Marks
  • Teaching Ideas
    • Good Ideas for Reading Teachers, Activities for Language Development, Multiple Intelligences and Reading, Interest Inventory, Reading Tips for Parents, Games and Methods for Teaching
  • Comprehension
    • Comprehension Strategies, Comp Strategies Initializations, Signal Words
  • Fluency
    • Oral Reading Activities, Sentence Tunes
  • Study Skills
    • SQR3 Study Guide, Dictionary Skills, Test-Taking Strategies
  • Assessment
    • Test Words
  • Spelling
    • Compound Words
  • The Internet
    • Websites for Reading Instruction, Websites for Writer's and Word Lovers 
  • English Language Learners
  • Language
    • Idioms, Idiomatic Expressions, Basic Sentence Patterns, Irregular Verb Phrases
  • Reference
  • Word Play
    • Hink Pinks, Tongue Twisters, Strange Reading Research 
  • Alphabets and Symbols
"The Reading Teacher's Book of Lists should be on the bookshelf of every reading teacher in the English-speaking world! It is a tremendous resource that I have used over and over again throughout my career. The fifth edition is the best yet! It has more useful information than any of the previous editions. You can be assured that I will make good use of Dr. Fry and Dr. Kress's classic book."
—Timothy Rasinski, Ph.D.,professor of education, Kent State University

So, I think you get the gist! This book has everything. This book is an excellent resource book to have on hand for many many reasons! Add it to your professional library today!

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