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Friday, April 29, 2011

Using Diigo to Bookmark Online

I going to preface this post by saying- I am not much of a techy. It took me more than an hour to get my facebook like box to show up on the margins of this blog (no joke).  

Have you heard of Diigo? This is a website that allows you to add highlights, bookmarks, sticky notes, get quick links- to any webpage online. I plan to use Diigo as a teacher, web browser and blogger, but I can see it being super helpful for any student or classroom teacher. Nowadays, we do SO much reading and learning online. Diigo is a great way to organize information for a research project or to keep all those amazing teaching ideas in close reach (and organized! I love myself some organization!!). We always talk to our kids about active reading- now here's a way to do it online. I love it! What a great resource for our students!! And it's free!

Here's what you can do with Diigo (from their site):
  • private/public bookmarks

  • follow bookmarks from a network of people

  • see popular bookmarks by tags

  • import and export bookmarks

  • automatically post your bookmarks to your blog daily or weekly

  • save bookmarks as private by default (optional)

  • organize your bookmarks as a list and shown as a slide

  • set up groups to pool resources and curate content

  • automatically bookmark your twitter favorites

  • keep a full-text copy of your bookmarks (Premium features)

  • full-text search of your bookmarks (Premium features)

  • save notes and images, in addition to bookmarks

  • use highlights and sticky notes as you read - do not just bookmark

  • capture a portion of the screen and annotate on the screenshot

  • Do you Diigo?

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