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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bay Area Writing Project- Summer Opportunities

For those SF Bay Area folks---

The Bay Area Writing Project is a dynamic organization located in the Bay Area. They are a great resource to both teachers and families in the Bay.

For Parents:
Does your 4-9th grade child love to write? Consider registering him/her for a Summer 2011 Young Writers' Camps.  These 3 week camps are located in San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley. Check it out! Has your child already attended a BAWP camp? Write a comment below to and share your experience with the camp. If interested, hurry to register your child!

For Teachers:
Unfortunately, the registration for  BAWP's 2011 Summer Institute for teachers is closed (Maybe they are flexible??). This is an amazing opportunity. I have had several friends attend the seminars and the summer institute and it is always an enriching professional development. Keep BAWP on your radar, because they also have Saturday Seminars for Teachers throughout the school year.

Write a comment below to share your experience with BAWP.

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